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As well as large scale Sculpture, ACE creates functional Architectural Adornment, Home Accessories & Jewellery.

ACE’s work encapsulates a spirit of beauty – craftsmanship is her heart & art. Honest craftsmanship & functionality combine in a celebration of Welsh heritage mixed with a paired back timeless aesthetic. A very precise sort of understatement combined with exceptional craft. A quiet determination to make pieces that are both beautiful & useful.

Collections of modern love spoons, door furniture, bespoke intricate pieces of jewellery, statement sculptures in the landscape…all make powerful connections between the viewer and the hand made piece. ACE’s work enhances the narratives of our everyday lives & landscapes.

ACE’s work is like that of an alchemist…the ‘non precious’ becomes precious, an old piece of iron becomes an exquisite piece of jewellery.

Whether working in forged steel or copper, the ordinary becomes the extraordinary in ACE’s hands.

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ACE has worked on many large scale sculptural commissions all over Wales and beyond.

Individual stand alone statement sculptures, sculpture integrated into pieces of architecture and sculpture as public art integrated into existing surroundings.

ACE begins sculptural work in her studio, creating 3D models, and works right through the process to final build of the finished piece. The scale of each project or commission varies greatly, however a balance of simplicity and aesthetics, answering all requirements to the project and sympathetic to site in an abstract way are key in her work. With a boldness in design, the work is either hot forged, fabricated or a combination. ACE has worked internationally and taken commissions of all sizes for various organisation. ACE is very happy to discuss future commissions, please get in touch…

A reputable teacher of art – blacksmithing, silversmithing, sculpture, wire work, ceramics, drawing, 3D design, copper work and mentoring. Please get in touch to discuss courses…ACE has worked with groups of all ages and abilities.

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Architectural Adornment

Bespoke door handles and door knockers are what ACE is best know for in the field of architecture adornment.

Her award winning door furniture in bronze and aluminium can be seen adorning the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff. In fact it is integral to the architecture and the first thing you touch when entering the Wales Millennium Centre. Tactile, beautiful and breathtaking in both detail and scale. Few artists achieve this level of excellence or command the trust of an international stage. ACE has a strong relationship with the Wales Millennium Centre having made the ceremonial opening key, the Cymru’r byd trophies, Wales Millennium Centre gift to the Queen and other dignitaries, and the five meter long copper atrium sculpture ‘Journey’ made with children from across Wales.

Closer to ACE’s workshop are the curvaceous sliding gates at Y Galeri in Caernarfon. Creativity meets function and becomes art. Even a humble curtain pole will become a thing of true beauty in such skilled hands.

Browse through her architectural adornment portfolio on Pinterest, or contact ACE to discuss your own bespoke project…

“My work has a simplicity in it’s design. I try to reveal the character of the material when I work it… to show its natural organic beauty. In design I am a believer that form follows function, and adore the idea of surrounding ourselves with necessary objects of beauty. I think of the human interaction and wear and tear on an object from use – creating a physical connection and closer relationship between object and person. I enjoy the process of designing, either a purely sensual form, or an abstract form which subtly conveys a narrative or sentiment.”

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Home Accessories

From tableware to framed art, lighting, utensils, furniture and trophies – ACE creates small scale pieces in her signature style.

Each piece is handmade. She works in precious and non precious metals, both forged and fabricated, combining smith and new technology skills, continuously developing new techniques.

ACE’s workshop is a treasure trove of tools and metals, and she creates magical pieces out of the heat of the forge. The smaller pieces are ideal engagement, wedding and anniversary gifts, especially items from ACE’s ‘Love Token’ collection. Home accessories are available to view and buy in her two shops, as well as in many independent stores and online retailers…

Siop Iard, Stryd y Plas, Caernarfon

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Rings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches and more…ACE’s jewellery range is irresistible and unique. Each piece is individually made by hand and designed by ACE. No two pieces are exactly the same. Working in silver, gold, bronze, copper, iron and brass; ACE’s jewellery is available to buy in her shop on Stryd Y Plas, Caernarfon – Siop iard.

Jewellery is also stocked by…

The Wallace Collection, London
Oriel Mostyn, Llandudno
Craft in The Bay, Cardiff
Beaumaris Jewellery Studio, Beaumaris
Mari Thomas Gallery, Llanidloes
Storiel, Bangor
Siop Ogwen, Bethesda
Cwt Tatws, Tudweiliog

Creating bespoke pieces to commission for weddings, engagements and special occasions. Get in touch to discuss ideas…Old family jewellery can be remodelled into contemporary bespoke pieces. Please contact ACE to chat about your ideas…

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